Kindling the Light

Have you ever...
Imagined the clouds as fictional animals?
Wished the dishes were always clean?
Transformed a blank page with words?
Contemplated what it means to be human?
Found or lost your identity in the variable of age?
Slept in on the morning of an optional-to-attend event?

The poems in this book range from catchy rhymes that graze the water's edge and dive deep into the human heart to reflections of self-awareness and praises from the valley. Read them to explore the thoughts at your fingertips and those stretching across the galaxy.

This anthology is divided into sections based on theme. Together the titles paint a picture of a fire: lit under a star-filled sky, created from kindling, within a circle of stones. Sparks shoot out as the logs slowly turn to embers... and ash.

Kindling the Light
A long awaited anthology of poetry accompanied by full colour photographs
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